• Based on machine vision the high-precision PCB online defect detection equipment

    Use deep Learning algorithms

    Do millions of training sessions and improve your equipment detection efficiency and precision

    • High production efficiency, up to 15 meters per minute
      The transmission speed of the equipment is 4.5 - 10m/min,
      and it can be connected to the DESproduction line for single-sided/double-sided scanning
    • Fewer fake points
      Motherboard data comparison, while incorporating unique AI artificial intelligence deep learningtechnology
      Accurately report defects according to customer quality requirements, filter false points, andimprove production efficiency
    • High detection rate, low leakage rate
      Equipped with advanced high-speed and high-resolution line scan industrial cameras
      8,000 photos can be taken per second, with up to 2.4 billion image pixels

    Use multiple GPUs parallel computing technology

    6 seconds completed within 4GB data processing and display defects

    Types of defects found

    Product Center

    Realize artificial intelligence to automatically identify defects, compatible with the automatic conversion detection function of inner and outer layers, without manual intervention

    Case application

    The manufacturing industry introduces intelligent equipment and intelligent productionmanagement system to improve the automation of production management, reduce theallocation of human resources, improve efficiency, and achieve " win- win "

    Guided by the market, driven by innovation

    Make smart manufacturing within reach—

    About Tanstar Technology

    Foshan Tanstar Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production andsales of high-end circuit board automatic optical inspection equipment and related intelligent equipment.


    The company's core team includes Dr. Chu (who has 7 years of experience in Silicon Valley in the United States), who is responsible for the development of the overall equipment vision system and GPU big data; Dr. He (16 years of experience in the industry, currently a doctoral supervisor in management at Tianjin University), responsible for quality assessment. , quality consultant; there are more than 30 employees, the proportion of R&D personnel is as high as 60%, and it is an internship base for undergraduates and postgraduates of South China University of Technology and Guangdong University of Technology. The company insists on taking the market as the guide and innovation as the driving force. While standardizing the company, vigorously carry out technology research and development. Products include high-end circuit board automatic optical inspection equipment and related intelligent equipment. There are more than 40 national patents.

    Driven by innovatio

    The ratio of R&D personnel of Tanstin Technologyup to 60%

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    Close to the forefront of technology and grasp the changes in the world


    Only sincerity can lasting cooperation

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